Hyundai Veloster (Hatchback) | 2013-2016 | Exterior Trim | #HYVE13EXT

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Exterior Trim

Model Hyundai Veloster (Hatchback) - Year 2013-2016 - Style Exterior Trim - Reference #HYVE13EXT

How to choose your color?

Main Color

  • Glossy Black (0BK)
  • Glossy Black (0BK)
  • Chrome (0CH)
  • Luxd Carbon (LCF)
  • Racing Red (RED)
  • Orange tech (ORA)
  • Paint match (0CM)
  • Platinum Silver (0PS)
  • Textured Carbon (WCF)
  • Hot Pink (BCF)
  • Electric Blue (0EB)
  • Brushed Chrome (0BC)
  • Titanium (PWT)

Color Option


  • Chrome (0CH)
  • No insert
  • Chrome (0CH)
  • Glossy Black (0BK)
  • Luxd Carbon (LCF)
  • Racing Red (RED)
  • Orange Tech (ORA)
  • Paint Match (0CM)
  • Platinum Silver (0PS)
  • Hot Pink (BCF)
  • Electric Blue (0EB)

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Paint match your exterior

Get your exterior kits in black, chrome, carbon or go for a fully customised option and get them color matched to the paint of your car.

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Custom-designed for your car make and model, these exterior kits are made with utmost care and perfectly fit your vehicle, enhancing its lines like no other !